Is it just me or can something be wrong with my trans?


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Apr 24, 2001
Hillsborough, NJ
This is the third season I have been racing my cobra...since June 02

DUring that time I had accidentally shifted from 3 to 2nd accidentally twice..

I just got a new clutch a few weeks ago..put 500 city miles on it before racing. The clutch feels great and shifts fine on the street. On the strip I have shifted from third to second probably the last 5 out of 10 runs...tonight I also shifted from 3rd to 6th once! WTF!?!?!?!?!

I have never screwed up this much and im concerned about damaging my engine from over reving it when this happens...

I ordered a new pro 5.0 because mine doesnt seem to have the same spring to it that it did hoping that could be the culprit..

ANY IDEAS? Do you think its just me? I am hoping it is....

My big question is..... COuld there be something wrong with the transmition or clutch that would do this?

Next time I am going to go out and granny shift it. oh...I did drive around with that adjustable handle in while I was breaking in the clutch....I put the short handle back in the night before I went back to racing. Thats why I originally blamed it all on my shifting....but now with three track visits in the last week Im not so sure....
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Apr 18, 2002
Atlanta, GA
Sounds like you need a shifter with a stronger centering spring. I have the same problem with the OEM viper shifter. I was in 4th yesterday and tried to hit 3rd, but ended up in 5th instead. One of these days I'll get tired of it and buy another tri-ax like I had on my T45. If I'm not mistaken, the tri-ax actually has a stronger spring on the right side of the handle than the left, so it's easier to hit 2-3 and harder to hit 3-2.