Is Seafoam safe for a vortech supercharger?


Please ask me how much my supercharger cost
Apr 6, 2004
Texas City TX
Just wondering if anyone knows if it is safe to use seafoam on a vehicle with a vortech supercharger? The reason i ask is because it seems to me you would risk getting bits of carbon and traces of seafoam in the oil which in turn feeds the supercharger which could potentially damage the supercharger and ruin the bearings or something.

Anyone know? I'd like to seafoam my car because its been a long time but i got to thinking about it and the last thing i want to do is ruin the bearings on the vortech again...
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Dont know about the sc, but When i first found out about seafoam when i was checking out the guy was like that's about 5 hp right there. I was like sure man. But it actually does make a difference you can feel. It's feels a little like after you put new plugs in. Highly reccomend. Put in oil and gas, but not often.