Is This A Good 393 Stroker Combo?


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Apr 8, 2003
Austin, TX
Car = 1970 Mach 1 w/ 3.89 Gears and True-Trac Rearend = STREET CAR

1969 351w Block Bored .030" Over

FRPP LINK BAR Hydraulic Roller Lifters

AFR 205 Cylinder Heads

393 SCAT 9000 Crank and 5140 I-Beam Rods, SRS Probe Forged
Pistons with large reliefs (10:1 CR), Clevite Rod/Main Bearings

Hydraulic Roller Custom Cam (Duration=240's, Lift=.600's, Lobe Seperation=112)

Billet Timing Set

Speed Demon 850 MECHANICAL Secondary Carb

Pro Magnum Roller Rockers

ARP 1/2" Head Studs

Vic Jr. Intake #2981

1 3/4" Shorty Heads w/ 3" Exhaust From Front to Rear

G-Force T-5 Tranny

Good or bad? Any improvements??? Thanks.
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The only reason I'd build a 393 over a 408 is to save money by using stock rods and 302 pistons. If I was buying everything, I'd get the extra 15 cubes. Looks good though, who is doing the cam?
Comp Cams for the camshaft.

What is all involved by using the new TKO tranny in a '70 Mustang? How much harder is it to make fit over a T-5? If I use all G-Force internals, you don't think it can handle the torque? I wanted to go G-Force since I have a core and it fits without cutting the tunnel. But if I will have problems, maybe the TKO is the better way to go.
The TKO is an easy swap... You will need a tremec crossmember and to shorten the driveshaft a little I believe. The Gforce isnt gonnahold for long, its a little baby tranny. I wouldnt waste my time with it. A TKO isnt much more.You dont need to cut the tunnel, hell... A 69-70 will hold an AOD without any problems
Gforce T5 will handle the power and you dont have to mess with all the BS of getting a tko to fit. You guys need to research some on the gforce, they are stout trannies.

Only thing I guess is the cam, not saying its not good but get a good recommendation from crane or lunati. They can punch in all your specs you have and give you a good cam for what your doing.
t-5 problems start with the case.

It is flawed from the start

if the case is weak, when you lay on the horsepower the gears walk away from the main shaft and that's the start of failure. the tremec will handle more hp but it's larger as far as fit it should go in I'm running one in my '67 it's tight and I would love to cut the floor for an extra degree or two but with tcp motor mounts,dark horse tranny mount& an aluminium driveshaft it feels fine as far as your motor goes it sound about right,
the only thing that I would change on my motor would be I went with the comp cames top of the line roller rockers is that I would have gone with a set of shaft mounts...I broke three studs all at differant times untill I added a rocker arm girdle set,... mucked up a set of valve covers as well

side note would be a B I G O I L P A N the more oil the better