Is this the heater on/off switch?

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Mar 10, 2014
I'm having a hard time getting all the information I find about the 2-speed blower motor to jive with my system. I definitely have a two-speed motor as seen in the pictures since the motor has three wires. However, the heater assembly switch on top only has two positions and I've read that it should have three for low-off-high? Also, as seen in my pictures there is a switch that went in a hole right above the heater control assembly. I've looked in some other mustangs (sometimes in parking lots leering into them which is as sketchy as it seems) and have never seen such a switch above the heater assembly.

My questions are this:
1) Is the switch what turns on the motor while the control assembly simply controls the low-high?
2) For that I don't understand the control assembly at all (doesn't help not having a working model to go off of). Left side says "heat" while middle slider says "Temp". What's the difference?

Thank you.
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