Is this torque box damage? Pics inside.....


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Nov 12, 2007
Stuarts Draft, VA
While upgrading control arms and installing drag air bags, I noticed that some metal seems to be torn apart under the torque box area for the lower control arm. I didn't notice any other tears other than the two locations shown in these pictures. I had the Battle Boxes installed a few years ago and they are welded in per the instructions.

From the pics below, is this anything to be worried about if I get the damaged areas welded back together?



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Just bought an 88 GT and it has cracks across the bolt holes there...I have a 79 Capri that we welded in the torque box reinforcement kits. What a PITA. It wasn't cracked though. It looks like you have the reinforcements already in place. Weld all of it you can get to.