It doesnt fit! WHat do i do? I need to figure this out by tommorow


New Member
Jan 5, 2004
Chicago IL
Hey guys. Im going to the track saturday so i need to figure this out. I went and picked up a set of Mickey Tompson ET Drags yesterday for my GT. The size is 28x10.5x15. I put them on a set of turbines, the only problem is since i have the GT, with the ground effects it rubs the rear ground effect on both sides, and rubs the inner fender well. Im thinking a set of spacers will clear up the inner fenderwell problem... but what do i do about it rubbing on the ground effects?? IS there some way i can jack the car up and maybe that would help it clear?? I could take pics if that would help anyone. Im just so rushed and i need some type of slicks or something or going to the track is going to be pointless on my bfg comp t/a's.... Is there some way i can get these to fit in a gt wheel well?
Thanks everyone for your help, its greatly appreciated
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