J & M 2015-2016 Adjustable Caster Camber Plates


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Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
J&M Products Caster Camber Plates are the best way to properly align your S550 Mustang's front suspension. Our patented plate design works perfect on stock and lowered Mustangs. J&M's design is the only camber caster plate which allows for independent adjustament of camber and caster for the S550 platform Mustang’s. The stock 2015 Mustang has no provision for camber or caster adjustment.

24230 Top Side Camber Plate.jpg

  • Allows for independent camber and caster adjustment not available from the factory Allows you to align your Mustang back to factory specifications even when lowered
  • Camber & caster are adjustable separately
  • Provides for caster adjustment not found on the factory mounts
  • Caster adjustment to allow correction for OEM production tolerances
  • Alignment is easily adjusted at the top of the strut tower
  • Spherical bearing eliminates un-wanted deflection and precisely locates the strut shaft during cornering
  • Completely assembled and bolts in with no need for extra drilling or cutting
Product Features
  • Over 1.75 degrees of camber adjustment, adjustable without affecting caster
  • Up to 0.7 degrees of range of caster adjustment
  • PTFE lined spherical bearing manufactured in the USA
  • All parts are either plated or powder coated for great looks and long lasting protection
  • Protected under US Patent No. 8,820,759 and 9,073,577
  • Lifetime warranty on the entire camber plate to the original owner
More information and order here > 2015 Present Ford Mustang Fully Adjustable Camber Plates - J&M Products
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