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Jun 12, 2006
Palm Harbor, FL
Just got a couple questions. I currently have stock UCA's and Steeda's Steel HD LCA's. I know someone selling the J&M adjustable race LCA's. And I want to get the FRPP UCA's as well to replace my stockers.

Has anyone ever ran these? I could care less about the bushing noise, the Hawk HP+ pads I have are so noisy I can't hear anything when I am braking, (but they stop like crazy!). I want an adjustable LCA to adjust ride height (lowering it around town, and raising it on my trips to see family 4 hours away. (In addition to adjusting my D Spec's.)

These would probably be my last two suspension parts in addition to a front sway bar until I buy a tubular K when I build a motor for this thing.

Thanks SN!
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I have J&M "Street" adjustables. The only difference is the bushings.

Their quality seems very good, they fit just fine on the car.

My only complaints are this:

The sway bar mounting points are much lower than the factory LCAs. In turn, the sway bar hangs a lot lower. I haven't snagged it on anything driving down the road, but if I leave my driveway the wrong way (as in there is a little ledge where the concrete ends and the yard starts, drops down 2-3") my sway bar will bottom out and I have actually gotten stuck from it digging into the cement (the bar, not the LCA).

Second, the e-brake cable will be pulled extremely tight. You have to bend the brackets to give the cable some slack. This literally takes 10 seconds per side to do, all you need is a pair of vice grips or pliers. However, the cable is still extremely tight on my car, and it is wearing the outer coating (rubber) off the e-brake line where the exits the frame and comes down to the LCA. It hasn't worn through, but it aggravates me.

Aside from that, I love being able to adjust the height in the rear. Doesn't take long at all, and the car doesn't have to be off the ground to adjust them (I just drive the rear up on ramps and crawl under).

I didn't notice a single bit of difference in straight line traction, but I did notice the rear was more compliant and responsive in cornering.

Hope that helps.