Progress Thread 88 Notched Fox

So selling parts I came across Fastdriver on here, he talked me into maybe forums are a better fit for me. Here's a short story on my fox.
I bought the car December of 2011 when i was 21 for 2k had cheap long tubes and no other mods. I blew the car up about a year and a half later. My dad being a body man helped me build the engine and wanted to repaint it for me. Well long story short, i "finished" the drivetrain and the car is still in primer. So the car sat, well last year i finally dug the car back up from my dad's and been piecing it together since. First day getting it started it and drove it down the road with no glass for the first time in nearly 10 years. Was glorious!

Here's my build currently and going forward

Engine Specs:
• 306 speedpro hypereutectic pistons
• Ported GT40 heads
• Explorer intake port matched
• Crane 1.7 Rockers
• Anderson N41 cam
• SVE 70mm throttle
• Full EGR delete
• frpp timing chain
• frpp lifters
• frpp dampener
• frpp ac delete
• Hooker 1 ⅝ super comp 3 inch
• Mac prochamber 3 inch

Engine management:
• PimpXs Megasquirt

• Paxton fuel regulator
• Walbro gss340
• 30# ffrp injectors

• frpp 9mm wires
• factory coil
• factory dissy

• t5 sn v6 spec
• Spec stage 2+
• Spec billet flywheel
• frpp quadrant
• Steeda clutch cable
• UPR firewall adjuster
• poly mounts
• 4:30 31 spline
• steel cobra drive shaft
• 13/11.65 cobra brakes
• frpp bias adjustor
• Russles braided brake lines
• 93 cobra Booster
• 93 cobra master
• Arp wheel studs

• Upr tubular k member
• Upr control arms
• Upr c/c plates
• Upr coil over kit
• strange 10 way struts
• MM strut brace
• MM bumper steer kit
• stock sway bar
• 03-04 Cobra IRS
• FTBR delrin bushings
• FTBR toe links
• aftermarket diff brace
• torque box reimbursements
• MM upper spherical Bilstein shock mounts

• 3g alternator needs the guts swapped
• no mufflers - tbd
• cooling fans
• paint needs done
• alignment

• finish interior
• dial tune
• paint job
• install glass
• finish designing center console delete
• fix fuel level sensor
• build irs 3 inch tail pipes w/ mufflers
• dye interior quarter trim panels
~long term
• Coyote
• t56
• MM front suspension
• Bilstein coil overs
• 4 piston calipers

Learning this forum stuff so I'll trickle more stuff in as i go
Last photo is where it all began


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Looks like it's got good bones, glad to see it on track.
Thanks, had some rust that's been fixed, for the most part it was fairly clean.
Looks like a solid car that you are working with. It will be good to see it on the road again.
I sand blasted everything underneath and put fresh paint. I'll probably get it on the road in primer and stack money to do the paint job.
Looks like a good project, but I'd suggest putting AC back on it for sure instead of the delete if you have the means to do so.
I did fully delete the AC including the evaporator in the box. I did get a complete heater box from another car since. If i go Coyote I'll for sure add it back.
I saw "Coyote" in/on one of those lists up there. I have a present for you that even includes parts lists. It's the "Built to Cruise" project that Mike did for Stangnet:

Some of the links directing back to SN need refreshing but all the good stuff is on the page.

Holler if you have questions. @MRaburn doesn't visit enough anyway. :D
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