JBA midlength headers 65 mustang 351w

I emailed mustangsunlimited to see if their hedman swap headers would work for my car with a T5 transmission. Apparently the hedmans don't work with the T5 so they told me to use the JBA midlength part number JB80 01.
Has anyone had any experience with these?
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Nov 29, 1999
I have JBA mid length headers on my 65 with 302 and T5. I have a Modern Driveline clutch cable. Everything works nicely. I would definitely recommend the JBAs. Since you have a 351 there will be a slightly different fit, but I would think you should be ok.

That part number must be MU's part number. I don't see it listed on JBA's website.

By the way, I don't care for Hedman. I have seen too many with defects like pin holes in the welds.


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Apr 25, 2009
Southeastern Pennsylvania
JBA lists the 1655S for 64-70 Mustang 351W with cable clutch.



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Nov 29, 1999
That driverside header looks weird. I wonder why it has extended pipe to move the ball flange down. The ones I have for my 302 don't do that.

What do you mean by custom, one offs?
Have you checked out what Doug Thorley has to offer?
They are also expensive, but I'm sure you want to meet all of the following needs:
tall-block windsor with less clearance
bigger cubes that need to breath
decent length for scavenging
clearance for transmission

I have issue just meeting the last three items, but finally ended up modifying my $300 ceramic-coated Hedman long tubes. They scrape the tall speed bumps, but I'm glad I got longtubes to work with an AOD.

If I had a Windsor, I'd be willing to pay $500-600 for the header that were a does-it-all, bolt-in setup
2 grand? Yikes lol I definitely don't want to choke up my windsor. I put edelbrock rpm heads with a torker II and torker plus cam. Wouldn't make sense to do all that and choke the exhaust. I'll check out Doug Thorley.
I appreciate the responses guys!