Just Bought 2003 GT. Carpet Issue.


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Mar 16, 2010
Hey. My girlfriend just bought a kickass 2003 GT. The whole car is flawless and factory original: in absolutely amazing shape. It has been about 3 weeks and there hasn't been so much as bad shift (auto) or engine hiccup. The only surprise we encountered was when we removed the nice heavy duty Goodyear floormats, the carpet was totally ****ed up on the driver's side, with a significant tear on the passenger's side. Odd thing is, I have since seen quite a few for sale on-line with similar carpet problems in the same areas.

Is this a known issue with this generation of Mustangs? I just got done putting a new carpet in my 84 Camaro and refuse to do it again to this car. Do you think a body shop can somehow just sew in a new section to repair that spot? I'm worries about moisture and dirt getting under the carpet and rotting the floorboard over time. I still have some leftover Dynamat just big enough to cover both spots :).


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Four bolt each seat, to push buttons for the rear seat, and pull up the door jambs, and 6 screws for the center consol. Pretty easy to pull the carpet in these cars. The hardest part is the center consol.
I just did the carpet in my camaro. It was some expensive carpet from ACC. Mass Backing...Ultra Plush...Took me a very long time to get it in. Some of the moldings were off and it took so much work the move and manipulate it to fit into the right curves and corners. A **** load of excess material too.

Do any of the mustang carpets drop right in? No modifications or **** neccessary? I know factory carpets fit the best, but thats even more $$ than I can put down.

Also, are the Leather seats in the deluxe GT real leather or immitation?

Please Share! Does Ford offer direct replacement full leather (and power) seats for the GT? Did another trim like the bullit or cobra come with them?

Also, I thought the wheels on the car were just polished aluminum...now im thinking chrome...or clearcoated aluminum...I just cant tell. I dont want to keep using aluminum polish if they are clear coated.
On the Ford site I found 2 different 5 spoke 17 inch wheels for this car. One was 1007D which said polished aluminum, the other was 1007F which was chrome. Same style wheel. I have no clue which one I have. The only thing I noticed is that the center cap for the polished aluminum one matched mine, while the cap for the chrome looks like it says SVT (see pics).

So assuming mine are the polished aluminum not chrome, does anyone know if they are clearcoated?



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