Just got 18 GT. Ambient Light/ Primary/ Secondary color settings do not save when turned off.


Jul 2, 2018
Any one else have or ever have the issue. When the car turns off I have one light setting picked but When I turn the car back on. No matter what I set the ambient light too and the primary and secondary gauge lights too. They revert back to the factory setting. The dim setting stays where I leave it but the colors do not. I just got the car and everything else seems fine but any help in regards would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Yes. It’s saved to your seat memory saves. Just set everything and set it to 1. 2 or 3. This will recognize the key based on whatever number you choose for each key. In regards to all your settings.
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Thanks, that was it.

I never thought to save it that way.
Me neither. And a lot of guys don’t know that’s it because they honestly don’t have the car equipped. So if you don’t have the premium package or you have Recaro seats for example. You don’t have memory seats and the car just saves what you last put automatically.
I have a 13 and no ambient lights will even come on. Could it be due to the key? I bought it used. Came with one key. I am using the factory key, not the spare I had made, but no ambient lights at all.