just got home from the track

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whats strange is you only gained 4mph from the 1/8 to the 1/4? maybe a typo(printing error or something) unless you let up to soon? but it doesn't matter...as soon as you install the p&p pi heads and vt cams you'll be good!!! what cams are you going with? and what intake? pi ? I'm about to make the same swap, just waiting for vt to get some stage 1n/a in stock....
Unless you hit your brakes HARD right before the line I don't see how that is possible. How can you hit 73 mph at the 1/8 but only 77 at the 1/4? So you only accelerated 4 mph in an eighth of a mile?

It had to be a system error by the track.
With about the same 60' time and a little quicker 1/8th time, but you were going 18 MPH slower by the time you hit the 1/4 mile? Did you drag the brakes thru the trap (the 66' prior to the actual finish line)? Still, the time didn't suffer, so I'm confused regardless. I would have compained to the track officials...something ain't right here.
Steve777 said:
Computer typo maybe?
Something is wrong, but computers don't make typos. :rolleyes: Sorry, don't mean to get picky here, but as a computer geek by day, I often hear people talk about their computer doing something wrong, which is rarely the case. Most often, it's garbage in, garbage out or an IO error (incompetent operator)... :D
MikeZ28 said:
what was car # 197 in the first track slip. did i read that correctly a 3.34 60 ft :hail2: that is the worst 60 ft i have ever seen.

what kind of car was that ?????

its was a brand new EVO, his second gear sync row was gone, he had to his first hard then mash into third :rlaugh:

EDIT: I was in the top of 3rd when i crossed the white line.