Just Purchased 2019 GT


Apr 4, 2019
annandale, Va
After almost buying a used 2018,decided to get a new one--after much on-line research and dealer contacts--found a great price.I wanted an auto-difficult to find-about 95% out there-2018 and 19 are stick. Could get a used 2018,low miles for $28-29K,but found a new one for $32K,out the door,and even better,all 2019s have the 460HP engine.In 2018,had to buy the 4K more GT Premium to get the 460 HP.
My Mustang connection goes back to 1966-returned from Vietnam and bought a new one-fastback 289.Amazing how much the current Mustang looks like the originals.. But after a year,my 66 was stolen-never recovered! After almost 30 years of collecting,restoring and enjoying GM muscle cars (mostly Olds 442s) I still never got the Mustang out of my mind,so being long retired after a 28 year Army career,decided what the Hell-buy one!
Would enjoy hearing from other owners of the new ones--
Jim-northern VA
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