Just Saw Star Wars 3


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Apr 27, 2004
Ontario Canada
Well, we stood in line for about 4 hours, but the best part? We were at the FRONT OF THE LIIIINE :D
We actually hopped in with guys that were there since 10pm the previous day.
The line up... was huge.
It went around the building and out in the parkinglot :rlaugh:

it's a good movie.
I would honestly say easily the best of the new series...
and on par with Return of the Jedi.

There were very few things I didn't like.
There was one thing, but I really don't want to spoil the movie for anyone yet.

go see it

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If you're going to watch them in order...
i would probably suggest to watch the series in sequence really early in the morning...
so like start off at like 6am, so if you happen to fall asleep briefly during either the first or second movie, you'll be alright.

and just in time for the 3rd movie at ... noonish?

I saw the 12:21 am showing early this morning.

Loved most of it, especially after I told the 14-15 year olds behind my row making the "Padme and droid dildo" Beavis and Butthead jokes to shut the **** up.

The first act was great - the space battle in Coruscant orbit was amazing. Never seen anything like it, anywhere. The amount of detail and realism ILM included was a generation ahead of anything that's been out on film or TV.

The second act was meh. Bad dialogue, okay performances. I thought Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine) started out great, but the weird thing was his performances got worse the more "evil" he was required to become. He was fantastic in Return of the Jedi, but instead of "chillingly evil" he came off more as "creepy disfigured pedophile" towards the end.

The darker the movie got, the better the performances got, except for Natalie Portman's and McDiarmid's. Hayden Christensen does "angry and going to kill everything" better then he does teen angst or lovey-dovey crap.

Lightsaber duels were spot on, except McDiarmid isn't very convincing in action sequences. When he gives that creepy, toothy close-up grin and does that clumsy lunge with his lightsaber (he does it twice in the movie), it's pretty cringe-worthy.

The third act was OMFG good. It was like a Greek tragedy, watching all the missed opportunities and blown chances to avert the ascendancy of evil. Because the Jedi are as flawed as the Sith in some ways, all the pieces turn and click together until you're left with a Rubik's cube that looks... like the beginning of Star Wars (A New Hope).

The Duel is great. Christensen and McGregor give their best performances in the lead-up and during The Duel. The end of it... is a little unsettling, something you certainly don't expect in a Star Wars universe usually aimed at young children.

The stories, themes, and Big Ideas behind Ep. 3 are A+. How evil men don't think of themselves as evil, just serving a bigger cause, a different perspective, the greater good, or however they want to justify themselves. How good men turn down the evil path never suspecting that they are. I'll stay out of the current politics discussion, even though quite a few people were talking about it after the movie.

I like how they tie in some of the WTF moments from the previous prequels, and how Revenge makes it all work. Kind of "THATS what he was thinking" moments. Jar-Jar. Midichlorians. Shmi (Anakin's mom). Padme and Anakin. All of those (and more) turn into little chess pieces that are revealed to be moved around by Palpatine in his grand scheme. Looking back on Ep 1 and 2, I actually dislike them less because of Revenge.

This is probably one of the better movies that will come out this summer, maybe this year, even with the clunky dialogue and acting. No contrived happy endings. No deus ex machina moments. All the cute furry creatures die in this movie (well, most, anyways).

To sum it up, if you can overlook acting and dialogue for the ideas, story, and visual impact, go see it. If you can't, you probably don't want to watch it.
The only thing I really disliked about the film was the whole Count Dooku/General Grievous parts.

IMO, they should have just written off GG from the whole script, the fact that he had 4 lightsabres was cool/dumb all at the same time... it was overkill and I knew he was going to get owned, so it was an abundant overkill.
Count Dooku had potential to be a massive threat... although I loved his sabre sequence with anakin, they should have maybe included it later in the movie?

****, if I had it my way, I would have kept Darth Maul in all 3 movies...
no reason to kill him off so early... now he had the potential to be cool

and i dunno about the too much talking dude :confused:
I don't remember much talking at all.
There were a LOT of fights in the flick :nice:
SN95StangMan said:
I saw it at 12:01 last night.

It was a pretty good movie. I thought without a doubt the cheesiest thing I have EVER seen was Darth Vader crying out, "Noooooooo" :nonono:
I couldnt help but laugh at that.

Yeah that was more funny then drama like. I think the Yoda fight scene was 10 times better in Episode II. Overall I really liked watching him turn to the dark side. Its really interesting seeing the action of him trying to prevent his dream is what caused it to come true.
SN95StangMan said:
I saw it at 12:01 last night.

It was a pretty good movie. I thought without a doubt the cheesiest thing I have EVER seen was Darth Vader crying out, "Noooooooo" :nonono:
I couldnt help but laugh at that.

Yeah, but the funniest part was when R2 was surrounded by droids....he tried to give them the shock treatment or whatever.... and a droid kicks him & knocks him over. The whole crowd in the theater just busted out, lol.