just test drove an 01 cobra vert (also questions)


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Dec 31, 2001
Regina, Sask, Canada
fist of all some of you may not know, i totalled my GT on thurs soo..

at saturn, not sure if i like it or dont...

anyways, heres the car..

car is a buyback lease..

yellow 01 vert, black/black interior, look like aftermarket seat covers (not covers actually re covered) they have a grey suede(or something) middle.

80 xxx k

paint, decent, some dings in the bumper etc, front drivers 1/4 has been repainted, the salesman said saturn didnt do it, but they bought it from ford so ford might have, or the previous owner. (overspray on the inner fender behind the shock, and the wheel well, not major, if i didnt work at a body shop and stare at things like this all day long i prolly wouldnt have noiticed.

interior, all in very good shape, top is also in good shape...

under the hood i noticed a few things, first of all the valve covers are bubbling and peeling (wtf, did ford have problems with this) or maybe its been beaten on and overheated?

also in the inner fender on the same side as the sprayed fender, there is a weld thats rusting, possibly from a repair and it wasnt properly painted, not a big deal but makes you go hmmm...

wheels, some curb marks, but all in all not bad..

tires..saturn installed brand new venturis, stock size (sp?) so this also makes me wonder about a beating, no way it should need new tires in a few yrs('01)

took it for a drive, drives nice, no rattles or squeaks, top seals well(no road noise), rides nice, appears to be 100% stock, drives straight...

got to beat on it, first thing i noticed **** DO I HATE WHEEL HOP..
mustang IRS is officially on my **** list, shook the car like it was going to fly appart...

other than that, pulled strong, poor tires dont have much grip but oh well, neither did my 18s on the 96 so i guess im used to it.

he also mentioned that they replaced all 4 rotors and pads(car is pretty new hmm)

sorry no pics it was kinda dark... anyways

they want 29,987(cdn) so i'm thinking thats a bit high also...

anyways i'm going back on sat, they are going to give it to me for the day so i can go get a mechanic to check it over etc... and i have to wait and see how much SGI is giving me for my car before i can do anything.
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the interior is stock. the 01's have leather and alcantra(fake suede)centers with a cobra stitched into them.not sure of the currency exchange between USD and Canadian money so i cant say if the price is high. i wouldnt pay more than 12500 USD for the car. all they did is replaced wear and tear items, brakes and tires.
I looked at an 01 Cobra, although not a vert, in Saskatoon about 2 years ago and they were only asking about $30,000. What that dealer is asking is way too high. As for the tires, I'd expect them to be replaced by now, I wouldn't use that as an expectation of how the car has been driven.

I checked the Canadian Black Book value online. I called it fair condition for what you have described and according to that it's worth about $18,500 CDN.

To get the black book value go to toyota.ca and go through the used vehicle links until you find the option "Used Vehicle Values", you can't link to the Canadian Black Book directly. Once you've got the info, print it off and take it to the dealership. Point out how bad they were trying to screw you and see what they're willing to do to keep your business.