keepin the Cobra sellin the 94 z28

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I was absolutely embarassed at how much catching my GT had to do to come anywhere near the speed of my old Z. Still for some reason, I like the Mustang better. More class for one thing.
chefster said:
where should I sell it?

Find the nearest trailer park .... and look for the group of guys with mullets. They'll buy it in a "heartbeat".

:D J/K .... but seriously I think that I'd do the same. The LT1 isn't worth it. If it was an LS1 .... I might consider keeping both. But that's just me. Try car trader, auto trader, or eBay. I sold my RX-7 on eBay and EVERYTHING went well.
it is a slick car,the 94s have one of the most aggressive front ends.Red with black top and black leather interior. The bose system is hard to beat. They came with coil overs up front... and pan hard and torque arm.A hbitch to work on though,I hate them for that...and the windows when down at all rattle....drives me nuts.