Kenne Bell for 98 with PI Heads, What do I need???

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Seems like it is direct bolt on but I can't remember. As far as additional parts a new high flow fuel pump and a tune would be the 1st two things that come to mind. Check the Kenne Bell Website. They would have plenty of info.
you might call someone at KB to be sure. Just wondering how much hp you were planning on running? if you do too much and your engine isn't forged, you will be buying a new engine. just something to think about. not sure how much the stock gt motor's hold for your year, but better to be safe than sorry.
if you do too much and your engine isn't forged, you will be buying a new engine.

He's running a SHM stroker with an 8.5:1 C/R according to his sig, so I'm pretty sure he's got the bottom end covered. ;)

The fuel rail bracketry might be different as well, since '98 was an odd ball year. And I can't remember for certain, but I think timing cover and accessories placement was different between '98 and '99, but I could be wrong.

You might just consider buying the ’98 kit and having the lower intake port matched to the PI heads to save you the hassel. Or better yet, see if Kenne Bell will supply the ’99-up lower with the ’98 kit.....but I doubt it. They’re not one for thinking outside the box when it comes to custom set up. They wouldn’t even return my phone calls when I mentioned I was planning on running one of their kits on my ’96 Cougar. :nonono:
Looks like a winner to me. If you can get it within a few hundred dollars of that price, it would be worth your while....even if you did need to do a little fabricating or mixing and matching of parts to make it work for your '98. :nice: