King Cobra i need anything else?


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Jun 15, 2005
Chelmsford, MA
I'm about to order my new clutch, the King Cobra, and I'm wondering if there is anything else I need to order. says "Requires metric pressure plate bolts N602549-S51M and alignment dowel pins D1FZ-6397-B. Ford Racing kit M-6397-A302." But when I type in those part#'s all it shows is a bunch of different flywheels.:shrug:

If I just buy the King Cobra kit and bring it to my mechanic, will he have everything he needs to replace my clutch?
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Sep 24, 2002
Syracuse, NY
you shouldnt need new dowl pins. i would get a set of ARP flywheel -> crank bolts and some arp pressure plate-> flywheel bolts.

its a good idea to have ur flywheel resurfaced while everything is out. also might wanna replace your rear main seal and pilot bearing. your mechanic should have a clutch alignment tool if the kit dosent come with one