Leaking antifreeze

I am leaking antifreeze,and I haven't gotten up under my car yet for a really good luck,but by peering up from the outside it seems to be leaking somewhere underneath my pullies.Any clue where it is from and how I can fix it?

I just want my 5.0 and to put it in!That'll fix up all my leaks!
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roush 97

New Member
Aug 28, 2003
I had the same problem. I changed my water pump thinking it was the weep hole. Still leaked. I cleaned up my engine really good. Looks like it's comming from behind the timing cover. On top of the cover there's a valley between the water pump and head on the drivers side of the car that fills with coolant and then it runs over and runs down the front of the motor and drips off at the pullies. It's intermitten and only leaks every once in a while. I haven't got around to fixing it yet, but that may be something you may want too check. More than likely it's your water pump though.


New Member
Jan 30, 2004
It could also be cracked hoses too. The best time to check is right after a good drive. When you cut the engine, look all over the place for the leak. Mine was luckily the front heater hose, so finding it was pretty easy.