Leaking rear brake caliper?

Hey everyone, I have these new (bought in june just getting to this 5 lug swap now) rear calipers from north race cars and when I was bleeding the brakes, I noticed some dripping or leaking in a weird area, under the E-brake cable spring area. Can anyone tell me what's causing this/how to fix it? First and second pictures are showing where the leaking looks like its coming from. Would tightening the bolt pointed out in the third picture help at all? They are sn95 rear calipers too

Thanks in advance!

First picture is from above, the other two and from below*


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So while I wait to figure out my rear end issues
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Dec 29, 2017
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I agree on the banjo bolt. I just did this swap and torque spec seemed pretty light for those bolts. Sometimes you need an extra “ugga dugga”!


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I can’t see the origin of the leak, but you really have two options.

Tighten the banjo, or replace the washer with new washers and retorque.

Replace the caliper. Just go to local parts store and grab a reman, as this caliper is most likely a cardone reman anyway.
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Apr 4, 2007
I had this same issue with my North Race Car kit too. The torque specs did seem light to me. I removed the banjo to ensure it wasn't bottoming out for some reason but it was good. I bought new crush washers and tightened the banjo again with the new crush washers. Make sure you spray it all very well with brake clean too so you can tell if it is still leaking later and not residual from the original leak. I think mine is good now, I don't move the car much with all this white stuff that keeps falling from the sky.
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wrap a little cheese around it and its a done
Oct 4, 2020
Are his clothes not getting washed now? I just replaced the drain pump on my 12 year old front load washer for the third time.
I finally tired of front load washers and bought a top load Speed Queen... Supposed to last me 25 years.... Who should I will it to? LOL


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I finally tired of front load washers and bought a top load Speed Queen... Supposed to last me 25 years.... Who should I will it to? LOL
Both you and the machine might make it.
I want to know who is still supplying their electromechanical controls after everyone else is using electronic junk gizmos on their washers and dryers.
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Mar 2, 2015
There was an issue with the seal that goes on the shaft that rotates when you set the e brake. It's that seal that had an issue on just one side of the rear disc brake calipers. You could rebuild the caliper or just replace it. New is new...so you'd be replacing it for free.
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