Leaking Rear Main Seal.Crankcase pressure?


New Member
Jul 1, 2006
My rear main seal has been leaking for a while. The engine has around 6000 miles on it. So while the clutch was being replaced, the rear main seal was also replaced. That got done today. My car was delivered to my house today while I was at work. When I drove up to my house, I notice a spot of oil underneth the car. After being replace it still leaks. I think I have to much crankcase pressure. What can I do ? I have one breather on the passenger side valve cover. Every once and a while the dip stick will be pushed up from the pressure. Oh yea, I running around 14 psi of boost.
But not today. Not with the new clutch. Its a 1993 ford Mustang. 508 rwhp.
Any suggestions? I'm thinking I have to live with the oil leak.
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