Mar 16, 2004
I have a tiny leak under my rear, and also my oil pan. Each will be about an inch dot when i move the car in the morning, so that sucks. The car has 112,000 miles.
Anyway just a quick question...

If i take it to the ford dealer, can anyone give me a round about number of how much i can expect to pay, if for instance they change the gaskets.

Cash is a little tight and i dont want to be surprised and embarrassed when they tell me it’s like 800 bucks.

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To save your self some time and embarrassment you could call them. All you need to know is the name of the job to be performed. For the rear end just ask how much to do a Rear End Pinion Seal. For the back of the oil pan just ask how much to do a Rear Main Seal. These are both very very common to go bad on Mustangs and they leak right where you are describing.
Well i took it to the Ford dealer. The rear was 180 bucks to fix the seal and refil with the fluids. I did not pick it up yet so i am not sure what they actually did.

The oil pan did have a minor leak so i told them to go ahead and fix it - 450 bucks.

Well he calls me hours later and said our mechanic noticed you also have a small leak from the head gasket, and that will be major surgury/ big bucks.

I told him dont do it, and dont even do the oil pan.

I really dont think its even leaking that much to be honest, maybe an inch drop a night, by the time i get to 3,000 miles it probably wont even be low. I will have to put some cardboard underneath to see how much its actually leaking, and if its not to much just check the oil every now and then and not pay the money to fix it.

What does everyone think, will i be alright just checking the oil level and not fixing, since its an 01 GT with 112K miles already. I will probably be getting a new car in 4 years because thats when my wifes edge is paid off.

With these gas prices maybe i will just get a 12K focus. If it needs major surgery after high milage i will just get another one for 12K, lol.