Leather/vinyl seats?

Hey everyone
I have a 1999 35th anniversary with the two-tone leather interior (or should that be "leather")
I am wondering how much of the seats is actually leather?
I have heard that the seat portion is leather, and the back is vinyl?
How about the rear seats??
If this is all the case, what should I be using on the seats? Lexol leather conditioner on the bottom, and vinylex on the backs?
I am currently using Meguiars Gold class leather conditioner on all of the seats (bottom, side, back, head rests) but if its not doing the seat much good, then I'd rather invest my money in a product that would.
The left-hand drivers side portion of the drivers seat back has hardened a bit and I'd like to make it soft and supple again. Any help is appreciated

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You are correct - it's only the seating area of the front seats that is actual leather. You really need to care for these as I've seen SO MANY that have been neglected and cracked very badly.
Here is what I've been told - you can use leather conditioner on leather & vinyl, but you don't want to use vinyl conditioner on leather.
So, to make life easier, I've used the same leather conditioner product on all the seats' surfaces...and I try to do this once a month.