LED vs HID headlights


Mar 27, 2022
Westchester NY
Looking for some feedback and recommendations on LED vs HID headlights.

I’ve seen some LED bulbs go for $30 or $60. I’ve seen HID headlight kits go for $160 to over $400.

If moving to a HID setup, is it worth the cost? I’ve read how you have to replace the headlight housing and install a HID specific housing so the light it focused and not all over the place.

Also, if going with LED bulbs is there a set that you all recommend?

I sometimes drive at night and I’ve replaced the bulbs with the best Sylvania bulbs (according to them) and still can’t see a damn thing (my headlight housing is new from LMR and clear (not smoked)).

Would like to know what setups you all have gone with. If you have pics and links, please share.

Thank you!
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