Lets play, whats that noise and where is it coming from.


10 Year Member
Nov 3, 2003
Started about 2 weeks ago. Grinding, binding, metal clocking noise from trans tunnel. When i put the car in gear and release clutch it sounds like something is binding up and i get a loud metallic click from under the shift area. Dont really hear it other than that. Tranny was rebuilt 3 yrs ago by me. Also a new clutch a few years ago.

So i hope it is something simple. Some initial guesses would be possible clutch cable on its way out. It creaks when it gets worked. Maybe u-joints are bad? Driveshaft hitting exhaust? I havent had a chance to get underneath it and look just yet but i am expecting the worst and might have to pull the trans next weekend.

Let me know your i ideas and opinions.
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10 Year Member
Nov 3, 2003
Yeah true. They typically dont last as long as the clutch these days. I just hope i dont have to crack open the trans for a bearing or something

I just looked underneath and nothing sticks out and looks pretty clean aside from a small oil leak from the valve cover. It really only makes the noise when i initially engage the clutch putting a load on it. Other than that i dont hear it. Although, i am sure that wont be true for long.

Looks like i am pulling the trans this weekend. I hope it makes it to saturday.


10 Year Member
Nov 3, 2003
I hope so. That would be nice, cheap and easy to replace. We'll see on saturday
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