line loc install

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I DIDNT hook it up to the ABS "thing". Just to the proportionnal valve. NEVER had a braking problem. Here's a pic for you. Nevermind the big ugly line, the one that isnt bent very well, I was going to the track that day and was in a rush to install it. Never fixed it. This is a TCI linelock. Bought it at Summit. Works really well. Highly recommand it.

i bought one, its been sitting in my garage for about a month now, waiting to be installed. Its the summit racing line loc. made by Hurst with summit instructions. i talked to guys and they said that you can use it without a problem if you pull the fuse for the ABS before you do, otherwise it creates problems. so basically go to the track, pull the fuse, race, put the fuse back in, drive home with abs