Long tube headers and Gt takeoffs


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Nov 27, 2003
Well after my last posted thread I think I've decided to go with long tube headers. My ? is will long tube headers connect to this custom h-pipe www.v6mustangstuff.com/Exhaust.html cause im gettin it along with the gt take off exhaust for christmas. I was goin for that setup just so its not to much money. Would i be able to keep my old cats or would i have to by a h-pipe with catylitic converter?
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If I were you, I'd buy the LT and the catted H pipe made for it. The two will bolt right up then from there you can either have your own custom exhaust welded up or have a bolt on set like flow, mac, bassani, borla, yadda yadda yadda thrown on there. It might be costly, but you might be better off this way. One possible alternative is the o/r x pipe they make for LT headers. I read that a couple of people have this combo and are really impressed with the way it sounds. I think I may have read that over @ V6power so go over there and try doing a search.
To answer your question about the H pipe. No it won't fit. The H pipe listed there is meant to be welded onto your stock cats so you can add on duals. The H pipe sold there is exactly what I bought to have my single exhaust setup converted to duals. The H pipe there is shorter then other H pipes (because it's made to weld on after your factory cats, just cutting out the Y pipe and nothing else)

I would search for a new H pipe setup. Find either a set with or with out cats your preference. Make sure you match up all your pipe sizes correctly and find a set that has the falanges on both ends. That way you can do the install your self.

If needed let me know and i'll try to dig up the pictures I have of my dual setup and you can see what I mean about that H pipe being welded onto the stock cats on my V6. Just PM me or post back here. I'll keep a look out. Good luck with the install...I guarantee you'll love duals.