WTB/Trade Looking for 1973 Ford Mustang Maverick etc 14x6 Aluminum Wheels

Hey Gang, I'm Looking for one or more 1973 Ford Mustang Maverick etc 14x6 Aluminum Wheels. They may have been available 1971 through 1974. I'm not totally sure on that. Enlighten me if you know. I want restorable condition as in they will polish up, not bent and little or no pitting. PM me with what you have including picture(s) Thanks in advance.
PS: I'm in north Alabama if you are close enough that I could drive to, to look at and purchase with cash
1973 Ford Mustang OEM 14x6 Aluminum Wheels.jpg
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Sep 26, 2017
Roy, Utah
Have you checked the junkyards that have a nationwide locator?
I have pretty good luck finding obscure or oddball wheels at my local Crabtree Auto in Riverdale Utah
Not to say your wheels are oddballs or anything
You are right all the cobras had them and you could order them on anything
Crabtree's is one of those yards they do not let you enter and the cars are all covered
That is what you are looking for