Looking for a mobile MP3 player to use in car...

I am trying to find a nice mobile MP3 player to use in my car. My current head unit does not support mp3's but i dont want to get rid of it even though I could buy a new one for the cost of the mp3 player. I want something with at least 10 gigs of storage and a large display so I can read it easily. The only model I found that is close is the the Rio Karma (~$350). The only drawback is that my headunit aux input is RCAs. All the players I have found only have a 1/8" stereo jack. If I use adapters will it kill the sound quality? The Karma does have RCA outputs but they are on the unit's cradle. Could I mount the cradle in the car? Thanks.
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iPod + iTrip = more mp3s than i could listen to driving from new york to florida on vacation..

it's a bit pricey but all of the good ones are in the 300-400$ range.. the iTrip (from griffin technologies) was another 40$ i think..

just tune in a dead radio station and it plays through it.. works great and i can take it in any car i'm in.
I have a 10 gb ipod that I use with just a tape adapter. I heard itrips had some static problems (can either of you tell me how yours are doing)

I got mine off ebay for right at $200. You can find a ton of them there, just make sure you get the Windows version.
it depends where i am.. when i'm dead smack in new york city itrip is a pain in the ass to get a clear signal.. but other than that i've never really had any issues with it..

you just have to spend the time to find what stations are the sweet spots for your area..
i just bought an mp3 fm modulator...its wireless and it tunes into the frequency of radio stations...has a few stations u can pick from...just plugs into the head phone jack of the mp3 player...sounds pretty good...picked it up for 30 bucks at best buy...the actual name for it is TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter