Looking for the CORRECT fuel pump size for Sn-95 cars.

5spd GT

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Aug 7, 2002
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Okay, I searched, but I am trying to get things clear.

I know earlier foxbody cars are 88 LPH, and some of the later ones are 95 LPH.

My '93 was a 95 LPH when I removed it.

For you guys that have changed out your fuel pumps on the Sn-95, what size did you have?

I have "heard" that the Cobras come with a 110 LPH fuel pump. However, I believe I have seen a couple Cobra owners posting that they did not have a 110 LPH fuel pump when they have changed them out.

Just looking for a clarification:)

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Nov 29, 1999
David, the resource I have says 95 LPH for all 5.0L engines. It did not specifically mention GT's or Cobras however (simply a differentiation between 3.8's and 5.0's).

EDIT: In this scenario, I am talking about 1994 Mustangs (so as to not be confused with Fox III's).