Loose of clutch pedal


New Member
Apr 26, 2022
Hello gents,

I own a 5.0 mustang gt 2015 manual gear and I am having a serious issue with the clutch pedal since i got an alert on the dashbored screen that says "LOW FLUIED BRAKES LEVEL"
when I start the car engine and want to drive while pushing the clutch pedal downward it starts to loose and never get upward even though it is not allowing me to shift the gear I really never experince this before and can't even take the car to workshope to fix some ppl adviced me to change the brakes oil and some other said clutch pedal need to be replaced but after i watched some youtube video did't find any of them having the same issue with my car but what i noticed that some vid explaning the clutch pedal cable adjustment problems I need your highly support on this!

thank you.
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