Lowering advice please


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Dec 20, 2004
I've got a 2003 Mach 1, and I'm tired of seeing everyone else's Stang looking sweet and riding low. I'm ready to do it. I noticed the Eibach, Steeda, and FordRacing springs on Partshopper. Suggestions are appreciated, price is always a concern but I'm not cheap :D If I go with some 10.5's in the rear eventually, will any of these be a rub concern? Sorry for the loooong post, but thanks for any advice. :nice:
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eibach sportline springs drop the car 2" as far as dragging, i haven't yet, and it looks damn good, i drive over speed bumps straight on nothing, its all good, i believe i paid $250 for them, i would definitely recommend them, good luck
You might experience a little rub with 315's on a 2" drop, but nothing to worry about. Remember when you go that low that you need to do it the right way with CC plates, shortened front sway-bar end-links, and you should replace the shocks/struts at the same time. A Bump-steer kit would be a nice addition while you're there, also.
I too have an '03 Mach and I chose the MRT race suspension package. My biggest reason for this choice was the fact that Scott Hoag (Ford's Director of Engineering for the Bullitt and Mach1's design and build) is running this business and to me, who else should know what the Mach1 needs to sharpen up it's handling. At the time the kits were around $690.00 for the Ilumina struts/shocks and the springs.

I elected to go with a panhard bar for my next upgrade because of how the rear could move in the lateral direction and it would prevent that. In turn without a panhard bar the rear would move left and right so much that it would allow for tire rubbing when using larger rear tires. Control arms will help that lateral movement also but not like a panhard bar will.

If you want to see how the Mach looks with that suspension setup click on "My Garage" to view it.
I did the H&R sports. Dropped it sick. I didn't get new shocks and struts yet. Still on stock. Car rides like a truck. It's terrible. Make sure you do it right!!! drop it WITH shocks and struts.
I have no rubbing with my Steeda Sport Springs with 17x10.5 and a 315 tire.