Mar 31, 2005
Palm Harbor, FL
I've got a set of FRPP C-class lowering springs, Koni "red" shocks and struts, Addco front and rear sway bars, Kenny brown subframes and rear chassis brace and my car doesn't sit quite as low as I would like or handle what I would like. Now other than changing out the springs for like mac's or eibach (might switch to eibach later anyway) what could I add to make the car sit lower and handle a little bit better. I't still kinda drifts through the corner, I think thats called over-steer, now I know it's a FRWD car and it's gunna drift a little BUT, I cant seem to keep the rear-end planted when doing "hard" cornering. And to all who wonder, no I don't drive like that on city/ town streets. Any help. :cheers:
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New Member
Apr 30, 2005
Huntington Beach
Maybe because of the C springs. I think they only lower it about an 1''.
My suspension mods are a little similar to yours,

Kenny Brown front springs
H&R Sport Rears springs
Kenny Brown Strut tower brace,
k-member brace
GT Front and Rear sway bars
Koni Sport struts and shocks (yellows)
GRC Performance Full-Length subframe connectors
Maximum Motorsports lower control arms,
aluminum rack bushings
Energy Urethane sway bar, lower control arm,
and spring isolator bushings
Kenny Brown Pinion snubber
Prothane End-Link kit

Matt :lol: