MAC? equal length shorties?

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15 Year Member
Nov 3, 2003
"This listing () has been removed, or this item is not available."

EDIT: found it throught the item number.

I think they are but the will probably go for closer to $100+ since they are already at $61. I have a set in my garage that I paid $75 for but I still need to hi-temp paint them. Probably going to get the new POR15 hightemp for them.
Yeah it hasnt. I called the guy and left him a voicemail too. Too often people leave the CL ads up long after the item has sold. Annoying.
Now I starting thinking about a turbo set up so I also have to just consider just get headers for a single turbo setup instead of buying one thing only to remove them in six months. Just cant figure where Im going with this car yet.
ended up finding a set of equal length shorties on CL. Previous owner believed they were MACs but the tag is worn. They were media blasted and just need a new stud which was broken but now snapped right at the flange so looks like I will have to drill it out. Didnt realize how much thicker and heavier they would be than the stockers. 75 bucks. Will I notice a great difference over the stocks?