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Apr 2, 2005
How would i order my mac exhaust. Right now i am running off road x pipe and no cats my pipes y off by my rear tires. I want my exhaust to be very loud i know i want mac just dont know what ill need and also what headers would be good to go with this setup. Thanks, Dan
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The mac cat-back systems sound really good. If you want killer sound I have heard that the MAC "flowpath" dumped kits sound amazing. I've been contemplating that as my next set-up. Its a toss up between that and the SPINTECH Pro streets-also very aggressive sounding exhaust. Do a search for the thread that explodinggopher made a while back, it has all sound clips and vids of exhaust systems, different cams, s/c, and other misc stuff. Great thread and may help point you in a direction for your exhaust set-up. Good luck in either way you go.

Mac has some good products........but i would stay away from there headers that have indinidual flanges........they warp like crazy meaning you have a hard time re-installing them once they have been heated up a few times and like Tomcat said they have almost an uncurable leak to them.
look for somthing that has all four tubes attached together with on solid runner peice.
Now before i purchase this which will be this week. I want mac exhaust what would be the best headers to use. and how hard is the install on putting all this on.? Thanks Dan
it should not be that difficult to do...mostly bolt on. the headers i believe would be the hardest part. try not to scratch them and steer clear of the steering column. my headers hit the steering column so i had a bumpy ride before i got a crowbar and yanked on it.
Yep - the 94 has Mac headers (GRR), aftermarket H-pipe with high flow cats and a Flowpath catback. Very nice albeit loud.