Mach 460

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Get E Up 98 said:
How hard is it to install a complete mach 460 system in a 98 GT? Anyone ever done it and if so do you know of a site that can walk you through it?

Are you set on this? It is not worth it IMO. A lot of wiring, you have the huge amp deck in the rear and amp in the front dash. You would be better off going aftermarket deck and amps. You would have a lot more choices of speakers and amps since the mach 460 has different impedance for the speakers. I'm satisfied with my mach 460 but I would be happier if I didn't have it.
I'm with green on this one. If you want a killer system go all aftermarket. The 460 just isn't worth it. I'm planning pulling mine out in the future and replacing with aftermarket stuff.
Get all the stuff and sell it on ebay. Then go get some decent speakers and a head unit. It'll be just as good if not better then the 460. I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. The 460 just isn't worth it in the end.
Get E Up 98 said:
Man, I dont want aftermarket. I want to stay with the stock, just upgrade.

Ok, that makes no sense. You want to stay stock, but you want to upgrade? Think about it......if you get the stuff for the 460 you're going to have to take apart most of the interior to run the wire bundles. Then you're going to have to pull the door panels to install the better speakers. Don't forget having to pull the center console to mount the amp that goes under the head unit. I fail to see how this is better then picking up a good aftermarket head unit and four good speakers. Hey, it's your car.
i'd go aftermarket or just stick with what you have. i was also thinking about doing what you want to do. and to me its just not worth all the trouble like mustang70
said above. If your gonna go through all that trouble mind as well just upgrade to something all around better.
Get E Up 98 said:
Man, I dont want aftermarket. I want to stay with the stock, just upgrade.

what they are saying is it's not worth it. and i agree with them.

:bang: <-- this is what you will be doing after you put it in. or attempt too

your car is not going too be worth more if you used a better stock stereo. it's still a dime a dozen mustang. with the 460 or without. that was the only reason i could see too go thru the hassle of the complicated mach 460. any other reason too use the 460 is equally retarded.
Get E Up 98 said:
Im really not into the aftermarket stuff, just looking to upgrade and I know someone who is going to give me his setup thats why I ask

there is a reason someone is going to just give you his mach460! they are junk, not an upgrade at all...mine hit the garage shelf the day after i took delivery of the car......don't waste your time!
I don't understand why you would want to stay with stock :nono: there is no point you will get nothing out of the 460 i would rather leave the car as is.
If you want a different system get aftermarket speakers and amps. :nice:
Go Alpine a little pricey but the sound quality is great i run Alpine speakers all around with a Alpine head unit and an Alpine 12 my car sounds great and sharp ots not boomy like most systems.
Again I have to agree, for a stock system the Mach isn't terrible but aftermarket equipment will produce much better results be hella easier to install.

And if this Mach system is out of 01 and newer you'd have to get a center console from a 01 and newer stang because they are a double din stereo and your 98 would have two separate slots.
The Mach 460 has an amp under the console and two in the rear deck. You have a hell of a time ahead trying to run all of the wiring and getting it to the right places. I still have mine in place with an aftermarket headunit but if the system ever craps out I'll be replacing with aftermarket. My $139 Kenwood HU with two dual cone and two 2-way speakers with a Bazooka tube in the hatch of my Probe sounds 10 times better than my Mach 460.

If he is giving it to you then it may be worth the hassle...otherwise I wouldn't bother.

To answer your question...just mount everything and route it best you can. this site may help...
Thanks cora, he just bought his stang and it has like 20K miles on it, I know it still works cause we were listening to it the other day. I just dont feel the need to spend the money on a big stero system so I was gonna just put it in, not sure how hard it is so thats why i asked.