Mach460 AUX Ques??


New Member
Mar 18, 2008
Is there an auxiliary input on the back of the mach460 deck by any chance? I want to run my ipod through my stock stereo. If not, is there another way to do this, other than one of those cassettes with the headphone jack on it.. lol.

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Ive got the peripheral ipod adapter from cruthfield. It goes for $99 but if you look around you should be able to find a coupon for like 20 off or something. You also need ford wire from crutchfield to connect the adapter to the back of the Mach 460in the cd changer slot.

Install is pretty simple, you splice into the power wire and a ground (I think purple and black, im not sure), and follow the directions.

I leave my ipod in the glovebox, when you hit the cd button it powers on the Ipod and you can use the seek button to change songs, flip back to FM/AM and the ipod turns off and charges...

And no its hardwired so good quality sound and no radio frequency interference, lol i didnt use my ipod for over 2 years till i got this thing, now i always use it...

I dont need an interface. It would be nice, but all I really need is an auxiliary adapter for a 2000 mach 460 sound system. I have been looking around, and I am having trouble finding an adapter for my year and without an interface. I have read that there is a CD changer input on the back of the head unit and all I need is an adapter that will have a plug for the factory CD changer on one end and a RCA input on the other. If they dont make a simple adapter, I will probably end up getting an interface, but I'd rather get just the adapter, as I am trying to keep the cost minimal. Anyone know of anything that will work for me?