MAF Sensor


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May 17, 2003
Victoria, TX
Is it possible to recalibrate my stock MAF, or would I be better off getting an aftermarket one? If I go aftermarket, then which is the best one for a 96 SVT? Sometimes on ebay, I see that there are stock MAF set up for 24# injectors, and I am pretty sure that I have stock 19# injectors. Thanks for any input.
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You would be better off getting a dyno tune.
Playing with the MAF is a hit and miss affair that can cause you some problems like running lean and grenading your engine.
There are plenty of people running aftermarket MAF's without problems but there are also others that have nothing but problems.
Your 96 Cobra comes stock with 24# injectors, also the calibration is contained in the EEC. The MAF sends a signal to the EEC to tell it what is going on, aftermarket MAF's just send a slightly different signal to make the EEC respond to that altered signal hopefuly producing more power.
Use the search there is a lot of info out there on this subject.

I think 46gtsblown summed it up pretty good. Aftermarket MAF sensors for the most part just fiddle with the signal to lean out the mixture. This could be dangerous for the longevity of your motor though. Get a dyno tune, best for power and safest for the engine.
I have to agree with what the guys here have already sead. Your car will benefit most from a dyno tune, especially since you've swapped heads and cams. A new MAF meter is not neccessary at this point. If you wish to get one, you'll still need to get it calibrated for YOUR particular air/fuel mixture and ratio to work correctly, which, a dyno tune can give you.