maine speed shops?

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96v6firstcar said:
Hey guys i just got into a 2002 gt after being in my sad 96 v6 :D.. i was wondering if there were any good speed shops in the maine area (i live in the topsham/portland area for college)... thanks guys
Congrats!! If you need help with any work let me know. As far as speed shops, none that I know of. We all (Street Stangs of Maine) get all of out parts Via online and do the work ourselves. Except for Striped5.0, he buys the riced out fast and furious stuff from VIP and duct tapes it on!!
btw dan i see you live RIGHT next to me... like ive said in the ssom post im planning on getting a paxton novi 2000 i think (not 100% set on that one but its lookin like the better choice).... but ive never been in an s/c car so if we could meet up sometime and you could take me for a spin to show me what kind of power i can expect that would be awsome!

also how much did you pay for your kb s/c and would you say its allot better than the cf style superchargers?