Maximum Motorsports LCA's installed, and mach 1 front complete!


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Jan 15, 2002
Los Angeles
Just got the MM LCA's put on. They came with a spherical bushing on each side from what I saw, then the blue bushings went over the "non-axle" side. Looks like a minor change in design. Anyways, wow, what a difference, feels like i'm riding on rails, its great. MUCH less body roll in back. You can feel the road a lot more and you can hear more engine/vibration noise, but by no means is it annoying or anything, plus they are supposed to break in a little after about 200 miles. Anyways, I'm REALLY impressed.
edit- also Quad shocks were removed


I've had these for a while, but figured i'd share- subtle but clean i think
Pep boys universal $9 dollar antenna, and mach 1 grille delete and chin spoiler

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MachAzure said:
Nice. :D

Does it launch harder with the new control arms?
I haven't gotten to drop it too high yet, but it doesn't spin as much, and the tires don't get all squirrely out back while running through first gear. Definitely an improvement that you can feel from my experience so far (but i've only had them for 4 hours now, heh.
stallion98gt said:
how difficult was teh install ?
I don't have any jacking equip so i took it into Pretty simple after watching, but much easier when you can raise the car up on hydrollics. I watched the whole thing.. pretty much remove rear wheels, remove rear bolts from shocks, loosening the rear axle, remove axle side bolt of lower control arm, take the spring off the perch, and remove the other bolt.. only thing is, to get the "non-axle" side bolt off, you need to pry your muffler over slightly with a screwdrive.. wasn't bad at all. If i had a jack I could easily do it myself, but paying an hour of labor was cheaper than a crawl sled, jack, jack stands, and a 90 dollar torque wrench.. I can't wait till I have a permanent address.. being in college you can only afford so much at a time.