Media: Mojave Mile/magnum 2013 Day Three Second Run October 13, 2013 Breakout 180.5 Mph

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I can't say that I really understand what went on here.

So the guy at some point, exceeded 180 MPH. Why is that significant, and why does that prevent him from getting the ticket for the run?

What is the point/purpose/goal of this run/event?
Same "Point" as drag Racing 1/4 of a Mile or 1/8 of a Mile. To see how fast you can go from a standing start in a given distance. I chose a Mile Drag Race, if you want to call it that. They also had a Mile and 1/2, called the Magnum. Since I exceeded my Class Limit MPH in a Mile, which was 175 MPH with 5 MPH grace, thus 180 MPH. I saw no reason in doing the Magnum. Maybe now you get it.

Only limit for me was Roll Cage and Horse Collar to go 200 MPH
Class A1
Speed Limits Raised!

Good news! Effective immediately, we have raised the Auto 1 class maximum speed limit (vehicle tech speed) to 175 MPH (from 170). And, to keep the limits aligned, we also raised the speed limit (driver tech speed) for Class C drivers (and riders) from 170 to 175 MPH. Plus 5 MPH Grace.
Vehicle Safety Equipment Requirements:
Rollover Protection:
A roll bar
Only Part that gets me is If, you have Big Bucks Showroom Stock Exotic
(SSE) class. where the installation of a Roll Bar Could damage the "Value" of a Rare and Expensive Vehicle. so you can run 20