Anyone Interested In Hot Rod Lincoln?

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Jan 22, 2016
A couple of years ago I bought 1988 LSC from a Chicago specialty broker and had it delivered to me in the N. Georgia Mountains. I bought it because most of it looked damned near showroom. About 68,000 miles though, and the passenger seat and steering wheel are badly worn, the cassette and radio does not work and there is one very small cigarette burn on the back seat. And there are several very small rust bubbles in the upper trunk area. I paid $8,000 for it and consider it worth the price.

Upon delivery I had my local wrench add the big T-Bird front stabilizer bar and an ADDCO rear bar. New brake lines, performance steering rack, new water pump, cryo-dipped premium rotors, and custom co-efficient of friction brake pads to add more braking to the rear rotors which were not pulling their weight. It has dual 2 inch cat-back pipes that are not as quiet as I would like.

Anyway, me and my buddy then added high compression Trick Flow twisted wedge heads. That really woke up the 3,000-5,000 rpm range. Then we added a brand new KenneBell TS 1000 blower with 6.5 psi. These have not been sold for a very long time so don't ask. That Really Really woke up the beast!

But there was a problem. Either Trick Flow or Summit [I forget which] recommended a Fell-Pro 1011-2 head gasket when we bought the heads. That gasket was lawn-mower worthy and is a serious indictment. Running 13 degrees advanced three or four of the thin metal rings, independently mounted on the fiber surround deteriorated. They did not blow, but the surrounding fiber was compromised and the car was using water at about one gallon per 200 miles.

We got a NASA version of a head gasket [Fel-Pro 9333 PT-1] PermaTorque Blue Stripe and we were shocked! All of the metal surrounds were part of a single metal stamping and were WAY wider then the 1011-2. I think it was about five or ten dollars more then the stupid 1000-2. What stink bomb.

Anyway, the car only has the new heads right now. However, if you are interested in this car I can provide the supercharger with all installation pieces [it has already been installed once already - we crafted a few mountings to perfectly align all the pulleys etc.] Or me and my buddy can reinstall it.

This is a speed density system with 21 lb injectors. It is a rich mixture but not enough to even once register an engine light. And it will feed both heads and KenneBell up to 6,000 rpm without knock or fuel starvation. Though I do not recommend it. The standard AOD tranny does fine shifting at 5,000. It could use a shift kit for a harder shift but I have always been pleased with the AOD.

In addition I left the signature 'turbine' wheels on the car because they look cool. However, they are 16 inch wheels and the tire selection is limited. My other Mark VIIs had 17 inchers with low profile tires and they make a big difference.

This is my third installation and this one has one peculiarity. It has an odd but very brief full boost lag. I would say about 1/16 of a second and then only under high vacuum cruising to full boost. Further, I believe it has limited slip but this configuration can overwhelm it and so if you want to do smokey burn outs that will need to be addressed.

I am considering selling the car because I have contracted to buy a Cadillac CTS Vsport twin turbo and I only have four covered spaces that are now fully occupied. 1) 1965 Corvair Converible 2) 1886 Ferrari Mondial 3.2. 3) 1988 Mark VII, and 4] 2007 track prepped Malibu Maxx.

And I really DO like the Maxx. I took it on a two day Skip Barber high speed driving class down at Road Atlanta. On the autocross I just ATE UP all the high priced brands! I used a Caymen on the big track because the MAXX is speed limited to 105 mph.

This is just a fishing expedition. I might just park the MAXX outside and keep the other cars as well. The MAXX is, after all, my Old Faithful and rain does not hurt it. But I have had three supercharged Mark VIIs and I am looking forward to trying out some more modern Iron.

I am in no hurry to sell but there are some people who very much like these cars and might be willing to pay premium for this particular set up. If you might be one of those people you can contact me [email protected].

Right now I am busy with getting the Caddy shipped in etc etc so comprehensive photos might take awhile. The brokerage in Chicago had plenty but I never copied them.

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