Michigan newbie with a fixer upper


Aug 20, 2004
Excellent advice and lots to think about. I'm guessing the 91 block doesn't have an eccentric since it was produced for FI only. I don't know if you get told enough, but you guys are amazing. Thanks for all the help so far!
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Sep 26, 2017
Roy, Utah
Yes, I am thinking you will just need to be running the 1985 parts after the new front cover and eccentric (water pump and pulley)
The amount of smart people on here is amazing and you will have no trouble figuring this out once a few people chime in
Let General karthief et al. steer you in the right direction

General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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Let General karthief et al. steer you in the right direction
Wait, they rarely let me off the property and I don't even have a drivers license :nono:
the timing cover swap can be intimidating, an in tank electric fuel pump is another option but can intimidate too, wiring, fp inertia switch, and it may need a return line and a regulator.
A quick search I got a Jegs that claims 66-93 sbf that fits both water pump directions, choice of timing pointer locations and dipstick location for the early models and the FP boss, now the FP eccentric is another question, that I don't know about. Will it fit on the roller cam? I don't know.
You could install a inline, external FP, it needs to be by the tank and ideally at or below the bottom of the tank but they run constantly and are prone to failure because they run constantly and can get hot which causes them to fail.
My vote would be the in tank fuel pump. I think there is likely a low pressure model for carbs. Do some research, you have options.
Sorry about the long post, I'm on a coffee buzz.


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Oct 4, 2020
Just reinstalled all of the front engine parts from my 83 onto the 98 explorer engine I rebuilt.. It all bolted right up..
Reused the ONE piece concentric ( the one on my 83 looked like new) that was on the 83 block, There are different timing gears for one piece or two piece concentrics... Make sure you order the correct one.. I have two new ones here for the two piece concentric...LOL
I also purchased the timing cover bolt kit from LMR... A bit spendy but well worth it.....
Not sure if I have the correct water pump after reading this though.....
So far NO problems bolting up all of the carb/fuel pump/ old school systems to the new roller block with " P " heads....NOT reusing any of the nightmare pre computer smog devices...


Aug 20, 2004
Finally has time to do the tear down. As suspected, no eccentric. I'm assuming I can bolt on an aftermarket one. So now that I'm down to the block basically, are there any no brainer simple upgrades I should make before I start bolting everything back on?


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