mini tubing

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Someone did it, didn't seem too big a project, but still a lot. It involved welding on brackets closer on the inside of the axel, welding a bar up top and then installing coil overs there, cutting out the wheel wells past the shock towers, then some sheet metal work.

Not a bad idea, we can't put much under our stock wheelwells.
That's the site, thanks Dean85GT.

This is something I will probally end up doing sooner more than later. I think I might cut out the spare tire area and put in a fuel cell/battery/bottle enclosure setup. I would like something fat back there. Putting a decently fat tire on a 15x8 such as a 275 on there could get a little squirelly. I think a 295 or 325 wide on a 15x12 not only would put down the sticky, but would also look sooo mean.