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May 18, 2003
St. Paul, MN
Hello again everyone. I need volunteers for a big magazine article I'm working on for Modified Mustangs magazine. I need one manual tranny car from each of the categories below.

’86-older 5.0L
’84-’86 SVO
’87-’93 5.0L
’93 Cobra
’94-’95 GT
’94-’95 Cobra
’96-’98 GT
’96-’98 Cobra (though I may use mine)
’99-’04 GT
’99-’01 Cobra
’03-’04 Mach 1
’03-’04 Cobra

Ideal candidates will have most or all bolt-on modifications, including long-tube headers, full exhaust, underdrive pulleys, cold-air intake, throttle body, plenum, a tune, and gears. I'll consider 5.0L cars with intake manifolds and maybe a cam also. No nitrous, turbos (except SVOs), or superchargers (except on '03-'04 Cobras) will be used during the tests.

Participants will need to have thier car dyno'd at HiTech Motorsport for free (thanks Bart!) on a particular Saturday. Then on another Saturday or Sunday, we'll all go to Rock Falls Raceway see what the cars run. You will have to pay for your track expenses.

The purpose of this article is to see how these bolt-on Mustangs perform on the dyno and at the track relative to thier factory ratings and how they compare to each other. It should be a pretty fun experience and a great way to get your car into a magazine without spending a kagillion dollars on it.

Please respond to this thread or PM directly with your car and mods. Please also show this posting to your fiends who might also be interested. I kept detailed notes of people who responded to my last post, but feel free to respond again if you want to be sure!


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