For Sale Misc. 5.0 Mustang Parts New & Old

Nutty 5.o

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Apr 17, 2000
Looking to sell the lot. Various parts I've collected over the years for more recent and older Foxes I've owned. Parts are from mostly 1989 and 1990 but some 1993 parts.

New stuff: various underhood and trunk stickers. New repro Cobra intake plaque, ball joints, hood bumpers, hardware for various interior and exterior, pair of Wix 51515 filters, quarter glass Mustang logo decals, window trim plastic retainer, poly rear spring upper isolators.

Used parts include various seat trim, dome light, lock actuator hardware,alt pulley, fuel line clip retainers, front fender bracing, steering column trim, ID bulb holders/wiring, quad shock bracket, and various other parts seen in the pics.

I also have one 15" GT turbine wheel with a tire that was used as a full size spare but would rather not ship that.

I'm in Reading, Pa for local pickup. Or $200 shipped OBO for all but the wheel/tire.
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