missing oil slinger on 8.8 rebuild...?


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Oct 30, 2006
anyone here ever take apart an 8.8 only to find there is no oil slinger in there? i just pulled apart my 8.8 to replace the gears, and it goes:

crush sleeve : outer bearing :seal

is this ok? or do i need to buy a slinger from ford and put it on?

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never heard of an oil slinger:shrug: only thing that should be on the pinion side is the bearings, bearing race's, crush sleeve, seal and the yoke w/nut. unless your talkin about that peice that goes between the yoke and housing on a 9" ford rear:shrug:
When I replaced the pinion bearing closest to the pinion nut mine had a very flat washer behind the pinion seal A.K.A. (oil slinger). I wouldn't think it would be a problem to run without it but I guess it is possible that gear oil could leak past the pinion seal . Part #13 of the diagram in the link below is the oil slinger.

yes there is an oil slinger see picture below part #16...without this oil slinger you can damage the seal when torqued down which will cause it to leak and i believe it helps in oiling the bearing....are you sure it eas not stuck to the back of the seal...



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