Mixing Rim Sizes

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If you are goign to run 1" larger rear wheels, you might want to look at runnign rear tires that at least 1" larger than the stock front tire size (or what ever size you are running up front).

Having a tire in the front with 4" of rubber between the road and the rim and having 3.5" of rubber between the road and the rim in the back looks like crap IMO.

If you are running stock up front, you should run at least 275/40R18 out back IMO.
I have 18x10 Deep dish bullits in the back with the factory 17's up front. I run 275/35/18 Kumho MX's and 245/45/17's up front, with the rim being an inch bigger in the back it actually does not look that bad,i like mine the way it is, not a big difference as long as you ahve some springs on the car.