Model Of My Stang


New Member
Sep 8, 2005
Decided to chop this cobra up and see how close I could get it to mine. I think it turned out nice. Just need to find rims to match.




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This is what it started as.

I made styling bar, filled "cobra" from back bumper, made monster tach from a large rivit head, painted interior and car E9 "laser red", made hood from stock hood and a large amount of fiberglass, tinted headlights, painted seats and carpet, lowered by cutting springs, &made spoiler out of extra fender I had around shop.
I found a few at Meijer, but the local hobby shop I stopped at had like six billion cars; NONE of which were Sonic Blue... :( You really got me interested in making one of these!
at first i looked at it and i was like.... man that thing looks fake.

didnt even realize it was a model! lol.... very nice job. i do think the cowl is too big, but for a model that doesnt really matter.

well done :nice: